Top 5 Reasons Why Natural Skin Care Products Are Better

Hello lovely friends! Here we are again and this wonderful week, last week of September we will talk about why Natural Products are more beneficial for our body and skin. 

I am quite sure that most of you will think that there is not “natural” either “organic”. Since I started my small business, I heard millions of times the same question: 

Are they real natural , for true?


So keep reading to discover my theory and  I hope I will help you to open your mind and think more “natural”


1. Natural products are the safest option

When compared to synthetic skincare products, natural skincare products are the safest option. Skin care products are applied directly on your skin, and anything applied on the skin has the ability to make its way into your bloodstream. Synthetic skincare products have shown to cause many negative health effects, including cancer. I know, I know you think now that’s a lie. But I am afraid it’s true and of course not meaning will happen if you use a non-natural product. But why not to avoid all these negative health effects that are caused by synthetics ingredients.

2. Natural Products are Better for the Environment

Synthetic chemicals harm animals, plants and the environment. Synthetic chemicals in skincare products wash down our drains, which eventually seep into the ground and damages surrounding ecosystems. Truly natural skin care  don't use any synthetic ingredients and they cause no harm to the environment. Think about it... Natural products are made with ingredients that come from the earth. So those natural ingredients are returning back to the environment they originally came from!

3. Natural Products are full of Beneficial Nutrients

When you look at the ingredient label on a synthetic product, you’ll see words such as Triclosan, Glyceryl Stearate etc. You'll see ingredients that you can't pronounce,  I definitely can’t .  Synthetic ingredients are made in labs and are known to harm your body.  On the other hand, natural products are filled with familiar-sounding ingredients such as olive oil, argan oil, coconut oil, pure essential oils, etc. Natural ingredients are very beneficial for your skin, they have been proven beneficial since ancient times.


4. Natural Products are Cruelty Free

You'll be shocked to find out how many skincare product manufacturers test their products on animals. Most of those big names in the industry do it, which is detrimental to the animals being tested on. The reason why skincare product manufacturers test on animals is because their products are packed full of synthetic chemicals! Natural skincare product manufacturers have no need to test on animals!

5. Natural Products are better for your Ski

One of the biggest problems with synthetic skin care products is they come with many damaging and negative side effects. Those synthetic ingredients can cause anything from swelling, redness, itching, and chemical burns to a chemical allergic reaction. That’s the reason why you will see on labels the advice TEST first and wait for 48h . Natural skincare products are the best choice since they don't contain synthetic ingredients that can chemically damage your skin.


The question you need to ask yourself is, are you comfortable gambling with your health?

Until next time…. Stay safe! Stay Natural!

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