Guys, this is Why you need to take care about your skin


I am pretty sure you all noticed that since last month my website enriched the men’s health care and more.  While clothing, accessories and etiquette play a key role in cultivating confidence and personal style, grooming is just as important. Today, I am excited to speak about men…

When it comes to staying healthy, men love to talk about fitness and eating right. They extol the virtues of exercising regularly and they even add supplements to make sure they are giving their bodies exactly what they need. Too often, however, men neglect taking care of a specific body part that is essential to good health: their skin

Men!!!! Listen to this secret and act immediately: The skin is our largest organ and performs many functions important to good health beyond just making us look good. Very simply, our skin is our first line of defence. It serves as a barrier between our bodies and the outside world. It protects us from germs, bacteria and the harmful effects of UV rays. 

This doesn’t mean that you have to full your bathroom drawer with millions of cosmetic products. That’s feminine element. Ignore your grandad: water and soap aren’t all you need. Look out for products with natural ingredients and try to understand what they do. A Hair, Beard & Body wash can replace all bottles and save place as well. 

Before you turn on the shower, slather your face in a detoxing face mask. They often contain clay or charcoal, which will help draw out impurities and dirt as it dries and gives you a much deeper clean than your average face wash. You can even take it down to your neck if you’re prone to razor burn or body acne. This will cleanse and exfoliate your skin, which makes shaving easier and less irritating (like sanding a piece of furniture before you paint it). Look for masks that also have hydrating ingredients. Once per week its perfect frequency. 

And now the most important part. For the past decade, the idea that beard popularity is a passing trend has been debated. But as we welcome 2021 beards continue to be firmly entrenched as the most popular facial hair style. 


OK, so you’ve grown the beard you’ve always dreamed of and perhaps even paired it with a great-looking moustache. Other men are impressed, and life is good. But, it doesn’t end there. In fact, the next step—maintaining your awesome look through proper beard grooming—is just as important. It’s like owning a really nice car. Once you have it, do you neglect it through poor maintenance? Do you forget to wash it for months on end? Of course you don’t. The following is a complete guide to how to maintain a beard. We break it down for you while providing the fundamentals of combing, brushing, washing, styling your beard, and more. Time to get serious, men.


A lot of growing a beard revolves around properly taking care of it. You can condition your beard throughout the day with Beard Oil and Utility balm. 

BEARD OIL:As you may have already guessed, this is a type of oil you use in your beard to balance its hydration naturally. Washing regularly keeps the dirt at bay, but it also strips away some of your beard's natural oil. As a result, Beard Oil was developed as a leave-in conditioning product designed to balance the natural oils in your beard and on your skin. For Beard Oil to be most effective, you really want to focus on working it into the skin beneath the beard instead of just applying it to the ends of the hair. Depending on the size of your beard, you may need to use a few more drops for major coverage. Huge beards may need 7 or 8 drops, whereas smaller ones may only need 3 or 4. 
UTILITY BALM:Beard care is constantly evolving. Products are appearing that have never been seen before, such as beard balm (also known as beard butter, beard cream, or beard wax). It’s still pretty new, so a lot of people may not understand what it is. A balm can be broken down into two different functions: conditioning and styling.

I will finish with something very simply and common:

Water, Water, Everywhere

Drink more water, says every public health NHS pamphlet ever. 

But in addition to ingesting the H20, a twice-daily splash is just as important for your skin.

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