Coronavirus and Yoga

…How you can manage Coronavirus anxiety with Yoga

Last week I dedicated my time to a research about mental health and Yoga-Meditation. The COVID-19 Pandemic is stressful for everyone, profoundly painful for others , and can be a tigger for
emotional distress in most of us. As fear, anxiety and personal loss increase across our society, some will
find their ability to cope and make well-informed decisions more difficult. Participants in a search about
stress and anxiety, received mind-body training to assess whether these approaches further reduce the
anxiety. Tools that anyone can use to manage stress.
Regardless where you live in the world there is no hiding from the fact that many
people’s lives are going to be undergoing a great deal of change in the coming months – if
they haven’t already. But while there is a very real physical effect on the coronavirus on our
population the mental health implications of the pandemic can be felt just as strongly.
Through my article today I plan to refer specific how can yoga alleviate anxiety and
have a better life especially under these uncertain circumstances of our new reality. To me
yoga is an amazing way and method for improving and managing anxiety, by giving in your
life another and different tone of beauty and calmness-even if haven’t tried it before.
With so many people now spending indoors their days, working from home and
spending much less time socialising than before, now may in fact be the perfect time to take
up a solitary, calming activity such as yoga.
The short term effects of yoga are usually felt through breathing techniques. Bu
learning how to breathe deeply and with control you allow your muscles to relax and also
allow your mind to travel and connect with other relaxation techniques, such as meditation.
In fact, shallow breathing is thought to contribute to stress responses, which can worsen
Studies have found that yoga lowers the resting heart rate, increases endurance,
and can improve your maximum uptake of oxygen during exercise. Several studies also have
shown that meditation may be able to strengthen the immune system by positively impacting
genes involved with the infectious cycle.
Below some poses that can help relieve anxiety and improve emotional health.

 Tree Pose


 Fish Pose

 Standing Forward Bend

 Extended Puppy Pose

 Child's Pose


Make it enjoyable! Set a regular time of day! Be patient with yourself! Do it regularly!

“An easy way to learn how to meditate is to focus on the here and now”
- Morisette - 



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